Snips and Snails and Puppydog Tails

 I had mentioned awhile ago on my original blog that my son Hippie guy and DIL Flower Child were expecting a child. Originally they did not want to find out the sex because they wanted to be surprised.

Well she went for an ultrasound and as soon as the technician put the wand on her stomach she blurted out, “It’s a boy!” Well my DIL was not upset and she said she would have figured it out because by looking at the screen that it was VERY obvious that there was a little man in there!

So everyone is happy and the kids are excited because they were hoping for a boy. So that makes one girl grandchild, Butterfly and two boy grandchildren, LollyPop Kid and hmmm…guess I will have to think about the new one’s blog name.  I could stay with the hippie theme but then again he might not be a hippie like his parents. He could be a rocket scientist, concert pianist or even President of the United States! Yea I think I should at least see his personality before naming him. For now I will call him Baby C because C is the third letter of the alphabet and he is my third.



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