A Mouse in the House

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend and took time to honor our fallen.

 LCpl Honda made it home for the holiday and our granddaughter Butterfly was able to spend the weekend with us too. We had a fun weekend, which included swimming and movie viewing. Just let me say that if you are any kind of a Star Trek fan go see this movie. Most people my age probably will remember the original series on TV. For Corvette and I it was like a walk in the past except with different actors playing the original characters. Capt Kirk is just a hunky. Mr. Spock was dead-on. Bones just as cantankerous as always. Lt Uhura, Mr. Scott, Mr. Sulu and Mr. Chekov, all played perfectly. I will not spoil the movie for anyone but it reveals the answers to many questions and of course makes you think. Loved it.

 Well you would think that all this would be enough excitement for one weekend. But NO!! We came home from the store on Sunday and LCpl Honda informed us that we have another guest. Sort of. Somehow, a mouse got in my house and took up residence in my stove. Nice.

 So, back to the store goes Corvette to pick up some traps and after repeatedly reassuring Butterfly that no, the mouse will not get you and do not worry we will catch it by tonight and it will be over with we set out on the mission to rid the stove of the little squatter. Or so we thought…

 So first off, Corvette set the traps with peanut butter and sets them on the floor next the stove. Bad move already. I am getting dinner ready and I am not too happy about the traps near my toes but I figure I will keep my eyes open. There is only one thing we did not think about. You see we have a Chihuahua, Buddy. Note: small dog with large appetite. Likes to stand in kitchen while I cook in hopes of catching a falling crumb. Are you getting the picture? All of a sudden, we hear one of the traps spring and at first, we are overjoyed at catching the little uninvited guest. Yea. no. I look down and see my dog exiting the kitchen and a rather fast pace with a not-so-happy look on his face. More like an almost barring teeth look. I am just glad his nose was not caught in the trap or we would have added trip to the vet to our weekend activities. Needless to say the traps then were moved.

 Ok, as I said I was in the middle of cooking dinner and I turned on the stove to preheat the oven. I walk outside for a few minutes and when I come back and walk to the stove Yikkkkes! It is the mouse on its way back into the stove. Ok so after some simultaneous screaming on me and Butterfly’s part things return to normal and we get on with the day and our resolve to catch the damn thing.

 Fast foreword to later that night. Corvette goes in the kitchen what does he see? Empty mousetraps licked clean. Stupid mouse. Ok so we go to bed with assurance that we will have that pesky creature in the morning. Right? Wrong. We get up and once again, empty mousetraps licked clean. Smart mouse. Same story the rest of the day. Same story this morning. Damn ingenious mouse.

 So I guess the next step is decon. Did not really want to go there but SuperMouse has left us no choice. Because we will prevail. I hope.

 By the way, we do have a cat. She apparently was off duty this weekend.




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