Military Monday (a day late) Honor Flights

Yes I know it is not Monday but I have a good excuse. Since adopting Lucie (see the post below) on Saturday I have taken her on a few walks. Now let’s just say that she is a little leash ignorant and tends to almost take me for a walk. So when I got up Monday morning I could hardly move because I was so sore. So needless to say I spent the day laying on the couch and taking hot showers to relieve the soreness. After a day of Iburprofren and rest I feel a little better. No major muscles are pulled. This is either going to be really good for me or kill me.

So anyway here is the post that I planned to put up on Monday.

Honor Flights is a charity that provides free transportation to World War II veterans that have never been to Washington DC to see the WWII Memorial.  There are flights out of most US major cities several times a month.

The reasoning behind this charity is that based on recent 2008 statistics, we are losing World War II veterans at the rate of approximately 1,000 per day. There are plans in place to eventually be able to provide this service to Korean and Vietman war vets.

The first Honor Flight took place in May of 2005. Six planes flew out of Springfield, Ohio taking twelve World War II veterans on a visit to the memorial in Washington, DC.

Honor Flight’s website can be found here. I found out about Honor Flights through the Chicago Tribune. See a video about a recent group of vets from the Chicago are that were able to travel to the nation’s capital and see thier memorial.  There a more pictures here.

If you are a vet, give this trip some thought. Afterall it is your memorial and you deserve to see. I did and I was humbled and I am not even a vet. Just a daughter on one and mother of two.











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