Now, baby makes four

My son Hippie Guy and Daughter-in-law Flower Child went for an ultrasound today. We found out earlier in the pregnancy that they were having a boy. Well today it was revealed that there is not only one boy, but two boys. Yes they are having Twins!

I have to admit being a little bit in shock. Hippie called me at work today and all I could say was, “Are you kidding me!” “Are you kidding me! “Are you kidding me!!!”

Same scenario with Corvette, Cinderella, LCpl Honda, Grandma M & Grandpa DingDon.

Needless to say we were all in sort of a state of shock. Just so you know, this was not caused by invetro (not sure of sp) or any kind of human intervention. My son and DIL really wanted to be parents for awhile now and I do believe a higher power decided to give them not only one but two babies! And it seems that they are identical twin boys. The ultrasound reveals that the babies are in the same sac.

So once again my heart is taking a picture. A big picture! I feel lucky, blessed and really excited!

I am putting a few ultrasound pics up so the rest of my family can see the first pics of our new, beautiful grandsons.

This Baby A & B’s heads.



This is baby A’s fuzzy head.



This is baby B’s cute face!


So now I have to come up with two baby blog names. Any suggestions!


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  1. […] other news, I have an update on the arrival date of Hippie Guy and Flower Child’s twins. Looks like the second week of August if they don’t decide to make an appearance earlier. All […]

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