Military Monday – MarineParents need your vote is a wonderful message board started by a Marine mom in 2003 when her son was deployed to Iraq. She wanted more information and the board was born. Now over thousands of parents as well as other family members connect daily with each other. Parents can offer each other support, guidance and love. Everyday new families join with many starting on the recruit board when their son or daughter goes to boot camp. I found this board to be extremely helpful and sometimes I knew what my son was doing at bootcamp before he had a chance to either write me or phone me.
Marineparents would greatly benefit from the $3,000 that will be donated to one charity from Squidoo a forum for writers to build lenses similar to blogs. There is no need to registar to vote.
Here is the link to vote. Here is a link to the Marineparents lens.

Please take the time to help Marineparents win! Hurry voting is today and tomorrow only!




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