Surprise, Surpise

So last night my phone rings and it is LCpl Honda. He tells me,  “Make a wish and then tell me when you are done.” So I did. Then he tells me, “Guess what? Your dream just came true!”

Huh? Right about that time the phone disconnects and the doorbell rings. I was thinking, “Who the heck is ringing my doorbell at 7:30 in the evening?” As Corvette went to answer the door, I put the phone down and went out in the garage to open the door to let some of the heat out. Since we live in the Desert Southwest it gets incredibly hot out there and I like to let it air out a little at night.  I stayed in the garage for a few minutes and then went back in the house.

Surprise!, Surprise! LCpl Honda was standing in my living room!

He was supposed to be here on Saturday to bring home some of his things before deployment. He was also only supposed to be here overnight. So lucky us!

My nephew Sgt. Red once surprised my sister Crafty in the middle of the night by climbing through the dog door. Thank goodness his dogs knew it was him. I told LCpl Honda not try any middle of the night entries or come in when we are not home (he has a key) because he will set off the alarm and then he will have some explaining to do. To the cops. Marine or no.


Oh, that wasn’t exactly my wish, but I will take it.


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