Angel Tuesday

Today’s Angel Tuesday child is Ethan who became an Angel on July 26, 2008. He went to heaven because of a horrible drowning accident.

Ethan, a beautiful 6 year old with a smile that exudes radiant energy and a huge open-mouth laugh that delighted everyone. All that knew Ethan commented on his smile.

legosEthan loved creating ships with Legos and playing with Star Wars toys. He loved tossing a football and listening to his Veggie Tales CD.





On what would have been Ethan’s 7th Birthday his family held a Global Star Wars party where many people from all over the world watched the movie Star Wars.

Ethan just plain loved Star Wars.Star-Wars

Ethan is and will always be very much loved and missed by his family. His mom Lisa keeps a blog where she has written so beautifully about Ethan, her family’s loss and how they manage the “new normal.” Lisa is also a wonderful photographer as there are many poignant photos of Ethan and her family.



Please visit Hey Jude. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Please also remember our Angel Lolly Pop Kid.


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