Can You Hear Me Now?

This has been a very interesting week. I took time off this week to help Flower Child and the twins, Fuzzy & Wuzzy. I really only spent one day with them as I was waiting for the phone guy to come and install my new landline the first day. He finally came around noon, but this was after Flower Child was in the middle of a minor breakdown during her first day alone with the twins. She did get through it but I can only imagine how hard it is having to take care of two newborns by yourself. After all of that, my phone was still not working. I called and they told me to wait 24 hours because my other service was not disconnected. I called again the next day and spoke to a really nice person who told me the issue would be resolved the next day.
It. was. not.

I called again and spoke to someone who kept giving me a standard answer as to repairing my service. Let’s get this straight:

I. had. no. service. Ever. I called back and threatened to cancel the whole kit and caboodle. Nicely, I might add. That got their attention. A really nice technician arrived yesterday morning and took one look at my phone hookups and new exactly what was wrong. He also went into my smartbox and fixed everything. He also told me I could throw former services’ phone modem into the street. Yea, I don’t think so. He definitely did not like my former phone/internet service.

Anyway I spent a few hours the next day with Flower Child and the twins. Fuzzy liked me but Wuzzy wanted nothing to do with me. Oh well, I just might have to resort to bribery at some point ie: candy, cookies, toys. Flower Child decided to fly solo the next day and did ok. I had to return to work on Friday because I have no time off left. Please pray I do not get the Swine Flu inbetween now and January.  

The Ted Kennedy Funeral was on TV at the time the new phone guy came and he had a few choice words for that too. He also told Corvette that the war in Afghanistan has something to do with Obama’s opium crops. (insert cricket sounds here)

On the other hand he loved my dogs and they loved him. Buddy (my chihuahua) did not bite his ankles and Lucie, (my big red dog) did not jump on him and knock him down. Quite frankly, I did not know what to make of him. But, hey, he fixed my phone so I guess it is all good.

I am currently watching the Ted Kennedy funeral. I have a take on this and all the people that have passed this summer, but I will wait until tomorrow to post about that. I am worn out with the phone stress.



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