Sunday Brunch

It seems that so many celebrities or maybe just famous people have lost their lives this summer. Maybe I am just more aware since we lost our Lolly Pop Kid. I don’t know. I blogged in an earlier post about my feelings after watching the Michael Jackson memorial service which occurred on the two week Angelversary of Lolly’s passing. I woke up that morning to find the sky vividly red. Lolly has flaming red hair.cloud3The sight of the sky overwhelmed me. I called my boss and said I would not make it to work that day. I wasn’t going to watch the memorial because I thought it might come off as an over the top spectacle. I was wrong. I sat there that day and watched another family feeling the pain and loss of a loved one.

Yesterday I watched the Ted Kennedy funeral and once again felt the same pain and loss for another family. I have my own opionions about these people who haved passed away this summer, but I will keep those to myself. The point is that each and every one of these people have families that cared about and loved them deeply. Just as our family cares and loves our Lolly.

I do not know what happens in Heaven. Nobody does. I have faith that we will all go one day to a new beautiful place called Heaven and live in eternal peace and love. So that being said, as IPicture 001 said in my earlier post about MJ and Lolly, our Lolly is probably learning to do the Moonwalk and MJ is finally learning what it is like to have a simple, beautiful childhood.

                                        Maybe Lolly is learning how to play the cropped-guitar_black_backgroundguitar from Les Paul and sing with folk singer, Mike Seeger.


John Hughes may be teaching him what teenage life is like through all his films and I am suremolly Lolly would have a crush on Molly Ringwald as so many teenage boys did in the eighties. After all, she has beautiful red hair too.

DJ AM may be showing him how to spin a mean record and maybe add a few dance moves too. Of course I do believe moonwalking-mj1Michael is the person to go to for the dance lessons.




Eunice Shriver might teach him to have compassion for children and all people with disabilities. I am sure there must be a Special Olympics inSO-LOGO Heaven. But on the other hand, everybody is healed in Heaven so everyone participates in the Heaven Olympics.

kennedyTed Kennedy along with his brothers, Jack and Bobby will probably teach him all about politics and public service. But more importantly, they probably teach him about family love until we are with him again. 

Lastly, I am sure that Lolly will know how to clean just about everything because I am sure dlb-billymaysBilly Mays is real busy making tons of Heaven infomercials. God must be going nuts.




And what do all these people get from Lolly?

The joy and pleasure of knowing our sweet Lolly Pop Kid!


And that’s all I have to say about that.

Today’s Sunday Brunch recipe is:


2 c. sugar

2/3 c. light corn syrup

3/4 c. water

Oil flavors (optional)

Color (optional)

In a saucepan, blend sugar, corn syrup, and water. Bring to a boil over high heat, until mixture reaches 290 degrees. Remove pan from heat. Allow to stand until bubbles have simmered down. Add flavoring and color as desired. Too much stirring will cause syrup to solidify into a hard sugary lump. Mold into desired shapes in Pam-sprayed hard candy molds. Work fast.

Keep mixture warm over hot water. If mixture becomes too cold and thick it may be warmed for a few seconds in microwave. Put sucker sticks in molds before pouring mixture.



2 Responses to “Sunday Brunch”

  1. Carol Beumler Weaver Says:

    Moving tribute… I didn’t know you called Donovan “lolly” or the “Lolly pop kid” but the photo of him with his legs crossed enjoying his lollypop is precious… It has now been 68 days since he left us… it feels like forever…

  2. juliannah Says:

    Everyone has a bloggie name here. I try to fit each name to the person’s personality. Cinderella, (my daughter) told me that Tango (your son) wanted him to be a Lolly Pop Kid for Halloween. It was perfect!

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