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Wordless Wednesday – Fall Fun

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Sunday Brunch

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I feel like this week was a month long. I guess because of our less than 24 hour trip to San Diego to see LCpl Honda off on his deployment. Picture 034Yes, it was hard and stressful but I am glad we went. My emotions are just now starting to come out. I miss him even though the last few years I have not seen him very much. The thought of my child on this huge ship in the middle of the sea weighs on my mind. Yes, it could be worse. I am pretty sure that he will not be in a combat situation, but he is gone and I can not just pick up the phone and talk to him. Plus, the holidays are coming and he will not be here.

This year has brought such joy and sorrow. 100_2874We are blessed to welcome Fuzzy and Wuzzy to our family. Two beautiful twin boys. Their father, my youngest son, Hippie Guy just turned 25 years old. It is hard to imagine my baby at that age. I watched him get married, have children and become a man.

Over the last three years, I watched my oldest son evolve from someone with no purpose to a person who now stands up and defends our country. He marched in Washington DC as symbol of the Marine Corps and now is part of a team force sailing the oceans in defense of our country.

For over eight years I have watched my daughter go from high school wrestling to becoming an Army MP to then becoming a mother. I watched her suffer when her daughter, Butterfly became ill with cancer. I watched here overcome and deal with all that entailed. Then I watched her scream when her son, Lolly Pop Kid went to heaven.

I guess I am having a bit of a bad week.

But beyond that, Butterfly and Cinderella went to see Miley Cyrus. aka Hannah Montana.faithconcert They had a great time.

So, today brunch’s is pretty simple. Pork Chops and Macaroni and Cheese. I have to admit that Stouffers Macaroni and Cheese is the best. Pop it in the oven and an hour later it’s done.

Two Big, thick pork chops

Season with salt, pepper, onion powder & paprika. Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes and then broil on each side for about five minutes.Picture 034

Bake the Mac & Cheese according to the directions on the package.

Yum, yum easy and simple.

Deployment 101

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I do not even no where to start. We originally thought LCpl Honda would deploy on the 18th of September, but the ship broke down and they did not leave. So I have been in deployment notice mode for two weeks now. On Wednesday I was in limbo not knowing what would happen and when they would actually leave. This is a copy of the email Crafty sent me:


Yea Ok. Bear in mind that her son Sgt Red has been deployed three times already.

So we finally got the call that deployment would be Thursday at 10:00 am. So me and Corvette got on the road at 5:30 pm on Wednesday night.We drove and arrived in San Diego about 1:30 am on Thursday and promptly got lost. We called LCpl Honda who was waiting at our hotel and he GPS’s our location, found us and then came and got us. We finally got to the hotel and went to sleep at about 2:00 am.

We then got up at 5:45, which was 4:45 our time and went to the base. LCpl Honda reported in and we went and ate breakfast. I did not feel to good at that point and just ordered toast. It was the worst toast I ever had. Hard, cold and yucky. I just drank some milk and called it good. We then went outside and I thought that I would not be seeing LCpl Honda again as we had said our goodbyes before we went to the restuarant but he called and said we could tour the ship! Yea!!!

Picture 018We then walked about 1/4 mile to get to the ship, stopping every so often so Corvette could rest. For those of you who don’t know, Corvette had polio as an infant and walks with a limp. We finally got to the ship and climbed three flights of stairs and got on the ship. I went with LCpl Honda to the chow hall, past the post office and almost to his barracks, but we thought better of that because I did not want to intrude on other Marine’s privacy.

Next we went to the flight deck. That is where LCpl Honda works in Combat Cargo. Wow it is huge and impressive.Picture 029 After that Corvette and I left the ship and sat on the dock for about three hours while we where waiting for it to get underway. I walked the 1/4 mile 3 times to get water and such and because I was a little bored just sitting there. Basically I just watched so many families saying goodbye to each other. I saw wives, girlfriends and most importantly kids say goodbye to husbands, boyfriends, and daddies. Military families give up so much.

Finally, the ship got underway. Picture 051We watched the Sailors and Marines march out to line the flight deck. By this time, there was not a lot of people left on the dock. We all went to the end of the dock and watched as the tug boats slowly pushed the ship and turned the ship so it could leave the harbor. There was a man, a parent I think, who Picture 059held an American flag out-stretched in his arms, toward the ship. He held it fast and strong until the ship was far away. I will never forget that moment. He made me proud to be an Amercian. There was not many people at the end of the dock, but I felt united with them. Like a family. Semper Fi. I was so glad I was there.


Here is a professional pic of the ship, underway. 090924-N-8283S-204


Please pray the 11th MEU has a wonderful adventue and comes home safe!

Don’t Forget to Push Record

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My Marine son finally got underway with his deployment yesterday after delays, change of plans and a lot of stress. (mine) It was good, sad day. Tears and emotions were all around. I am getting the pictures ready and will post in detail a little later.

I have to take care of nearly everything while LCpl Honda is deployed. Finances, babysit car and basically handle any problem that may com up. Probably the most important is to record ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on my Directv for him. Yea, I know but he just likes the show. So the first night the show comes on and the first dance starts and Opps. I run for the Directv remote and hit the record button. Phew. Next night I watch the show until the end and crap, I look and the Directv receiver and you guessed it. I completely forgot to turn it on.

So the last night we had to unexpectedly leave for California early for the deployment. Driving there it struck my mind that I did not program the DVR to record the results show. Yes, I know. I am already one for three. Yes, I know I can program the whole season. That is just a matter of remembering to do it.

I got the feeling this is going to be a long deployment.

Wordless Wednesday – Deployment

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That’s all I have to say about that.

Enough Already!

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As I said in my post about LCpl Honda’s deployment postponement I just know there would not be smooth sailing (pardon the pun). He called last night and seem to think he would be leaving this Friday. OK fine, Corvette and I made plans to leave tomorrow to pick up his car and see him off. Well the Navy just couldn’t leave well enough alone because I just got a call from him saying it could be tomorrow! This just complicates everything and it means we might not be able to see him at all.

I have already had enough of this deployment and the ship is still in the dock! I understand the military can and does change things frequently, but please Captain of the big ass ship my son will be sailing on, please wait until Friday. Can someone tell this guy that this Marine mom is losing her Semper Gumby.

gumby1Oh right. He’s Navy. I forgot. They are not the ones with the Semper.



Military Monday – Video New Marine Ad

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I talked about the new Marine ad campaign in Friday’s post. The commercial is out and feel free to watch it I tried to embed it but Woodpress just will not cooperate today.