Angel Tuesday

Today’s Angel is Brianna Sharp. Brianna was a lively 7th grader when last fall she was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a highly aggressive brain tumor. She went to heaven surrounded by her family on July 25, 2009.

Brianna loved running cross-country at school. She also played the Fluteflute in her school band and liked art.

Her father Matt said she had a contagious smile and laugh. She would laugh at his jokes even when they were not that funny.

Brianna kept a daily blog where she has chronicled her battle with cancer. She also describes her life with family and friends.

confirmation_rosary_cross-776364Brianna’s faith grew during her illness. She wore a cross, carried a rosary and said the Hail Mary. Many family and friends attended her 13th birthday party this past spring.

Brianna is loved and missed by her family, friends and all who knew her. Please say a prayer for Brianna and her family.



Please continue to pray for Lolly Pop Kid and our families. We now have answers as to why Lolly went to Heaven. I will not post that here. The information does not make me feel better. It just breaks my heart more and gives my brain more stuff to think about.

Today is also the start of Childhood Cancer Awarness Month.  This is near ChildCancerRibbonMagnetand dear to my heart because Butterfly once battled Leukemia and won! Please take a moment to think about the littlist warriors today and through the month.


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