I Remember 9/11


I think everyone remembers what they were doing on September 11th 2001. Getting ready for work this morning and watching the images on TV really took me back to that day. I once again felt the shock, disbelief and the overwhelming sadness over the events that I witnessed.

That morning in 2001 I was doing much the same as today. I was getting ready for work as I turn on the TV. The first plane Flight 175 had already crashed into the south tower and nobody was quite aware what had hit the tower at that point. I continued to get ready for work and Hippie Guy who was in high school at that point, was in the bathroom getting ready for school. I remember looking up and seeing the second plane Flight 11 crash into the north tower. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach and called to Hippie Guy. “Oh my God. I think we are under attack.” We both just stared at the TV in horror.

It was a very fearful day to say the least, but then I realized I did not know what would happen to Cinderella. She was in the Army at that time stationed in Ft. Hood. I tried to get ahold of her all day and when I went to work I had my mom try. Finally later that night she called. She said the Post was on lock down that day and the only reason the let her off was to pick up Butterfly, who was a baby at the time. She did not know what would happen either so the days following 9/11 were still very scary and stressful for me.

One other event occurred on 9/11. LCpl Honda was to celebrate his birthday. As you might suspect our family did not celebrate that day. It took a couple of weeks before we did. LCpl Honda really wanted no part of it. Since them he had felt robbed of a normal birthday and the thought of all those people losing their lives in such a horrible way really weighs on him. He also shies away from telling people the date of his birthday because they usually react with, “Oh, I am so sorry!” Yea, that does not go over very well.

We he did something about it. He became a United States Marine.

He said, “Mom, no one’s birthday is going to be ruined by terrorism again if I can help it.

I do believe he means it.

Happy Birthday LCpl Honda and Semper Fi to you!

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