New Marine Campaign

Logo-2marine-comOn 9.19.09 the Marines will launch a new advertising campaign designed to portray what it takes for America’s youth to answer the call to become one of the few and one of the proud.  The campaign is called ‘What it Takes’ and is a prequel to the ‘America’s Marines’ campaign which was launched in January of 2009.

Boot Camp is a very grueling and intense 13 weeks where the individual is basically broken down only to be shaped and then built back up to become someone deserving the title of US Marine. The title is not just given out it is earned.

I never went through boot camp but LCpl Honda has spoken to me about it many times. These young men and women deserve such respect for making it through boot camp. As does every other person in all military branches.

There is a teaser video on and you can read more about the campaign.

Thanks Crafty for bringing this to my attention!


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