Enough Already!

As I said in my post about LCpl Honda’s deployment postponement I just know there would not be smooth sailing (pardon the pun). He called last night and seem to think he would be leaving this Friday. OK fine, Corvette and I made plans to leave tomorrow to pick up his car and see him off. Well the Navy just couldn’t leave well enough alone because I just got a call from him saying it could be tomorrow! This just complicates everything and it means we might not be able to see him at all.

I have already had enough of this deployment and the ship is still in the dock! I understand the military can and does change things frequently, but please Captain of the big ass ship my son will be sailing on, please wait until Friday. Can someone tell this guy that this Marine mom is losing her Semper Gumby.

gumby1Oh right. He’s Navy. I forgot. They are not the ones with the Semper.




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