Don’t Forget to Push Record

My Marine son finally got underway with his deployment yesterday after delays, change of plans and a lot of stress. (mine) It was good, sad day. Tears and emotions were all around. I am getting the pictures ready and will post in detail a little later.

I have to take care of nearly everything while LCpl Honda is deployed. Finances, babysit car and basically handle any problem that may com up. Probably the most important is to record ‘Dancing with the Stars’ on my Directv for him. Yea, I know but he just likes the show. So the first night the show comes on and the first dance starts and Opps. I run for the Directv remote and hit the record button. Phew. Next night I watch the show until the end and crap, I look and the Directv receiver and you guessed it. I completely forgot to turn it on.

So the last night we had to unexpectedly leave for California early for the deployment. Driving there it struck my mind that I did not program the DVR to record the results show. Yes, I know. I am already one for three. Yes, I know I can program the whole season. That is just a matter of remembering to do it.

I got the feeling this is going to be a long deployment.


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