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The Messenger

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With three months left in the service, Will (Ben Foster) has spent a good deal of time in army hospitals, healing scars from his time in Iraq. To make things worse, the girl he left behind (Jena Malone) has moved on with her life. Ironically, his chance at a fresh start lies in working shoulder to shoulder with Tony (Woody Harrelson), a senior officer who teaches him the ropes of his new post with the Casualty Notification Office. Will, who narrowly escaped death, must now break the news about those who didn’t. Between assignments, these two soldiers form a unique bond that helps them in their struggle to get back to “”normal”” life, fully knowing nothing will ever really be normal again. Proving himself a cinematic craftsman, director Oren Moverman deliberately hasn’t made a political film. The Messenger isn’t even about the military at its core; it’s about people choosing to live life and finding the light and humor at the end of the tunnel. Harrelson and Foster infuse these complex characters with the necessary pathos to raise their story to a new level of compassion. Foster adds yet another layer when Will faces an ethical dilemma because he is drawn to one of the young widows, played by Samantha Morton. She rounds out this powerhouse cast in a moving and elegant film that is an elegy of our time.
Ben Foster, Woody Harrelson, Samantha Morton, Jena Malone, Eamonn Walker


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For All The Right Reasons

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When I learned President Obama went to Dover Air Force Base last 102909_obamahonorsnight to honor fifteen fallen troops and three DEA agents returning from Afghanistan I admit I was not quite sure what to think. He has been holding off on sending more troops to Afghanistan for many months now. I am not an expert but I am sure there are political reasons for the delay such as the upcoming elections on November 7.

I would like to hope that Obama visited the fallen troops and their families as an honorable thing and not a political ploy. I know that it is not possible for a sitting President to meet each fallen troops as they return. On one hand, I am glad he went and I am sure it had to be a comfort to the families. If my child was returning after sacrificing their life for our country, I know I would appreciate the President of the United States making the effort to come and pay his respects. I am not sure however that I would want reporters there. I have not been in the situation so I really cannot say.

As the mother of an active duty service member I do not always agree politically with out nation’s leaders, but one thing is for sure, I respect them just as my son does and my daughter did when she served. When asked about my son’s stand on the current wars he just says it is his job to do to the best of his ability and to respect his commander-in-chief. Not everyone agrees with this and that is okay. This is why we live in America. We have this right guaranteed.

Getting back to President Obama’s visit, I cannot look into the man’s heart, but I have enough faith and hope that he did this for the right reasons. If so then I applaud you. If not than all I can say is, “Shame on you.” In addition, I hope that President Obama took a good long look at the cost the Afghan war is causing. I sincerely hope this experience will aid him in making the right decision so this scene is not repeated. But, alas, I think that is just wishful thinking on my part.

More importantly, we must remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms. We must remember the families whose loved ones sacrificed for our freedoms. Paying our respects to these troops and their families is really something we all should do. We cannot do it everyday in a personal way, but we can inside ourselves.


Wordless Wednesday – Halloween

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All Dressed Up and No Place to Go

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Halloween is not until Saturday but it would seem that Flower Child could not wait to try on the Twin’s Halloween costumes. The pics need no explanation.






Sunday Brunch

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Sunday is here again. I really wish it was still Saturday, but it is not. The week flew by and on Friday, Corvette and I were off to watch Cinderella graduate from college. I left work a little early because we had a two-hour drive to where Cinderella lives. The trip started off well and about half way there we stopped at a fast food place to get something to eat. I ordered a double cheeseburger and Corvette got chicken strips. So we get back on the highway and I opened the bag to get out the food. I pulled out a closed, odd-shaped box and asked Corvette what was in the box. Right at that moment Corvette was getting on the highway which we could go one of two ways. North to where Cinderella lives or west to where there is not really anything for about forty miles. Guess where we were heading? Yea, west to the point of no return. So of course he says it is my fault for asking what was in the box. So now we had a decision to make. Go forty miles out of our way to turn around and be late or make a fast turn around on one of those emergency turn around spots and risk a ticket. Well since there was no one around we took the risk and made a fast turn and got back on the right path. By the way, in the box were the most pathetic looking chicken strips I have ever seen. They definitely did not call for the packaging they were in and Corvette said they were not all that tasty either.

When we arrived at Cinderella’s house there was excitement in the air. Sailor Girl, Cinderella’s best friend was there along with Tango and Butterfly. After taking the biggest balloon bouquet I think I have ever seen to the graduation party site7133_1271353187386_1336572765_803684_6541686_n along with cake and cupcakes we were on our way to the graduation venue which of course was at a downtown convention center. Thank goodness Tango was driving because considering the number of one-way streets, high-rise buildings and our general lack of knowledge of the downtown area, we never would have made it there.

Once we got there and after walking around the entire convention center we finally found the building the graduation was to take place in. We took our seats and waited for the processional to begin. Once it began we waited to see Cinderella. Picture 003We waited and waited and waited… Finally we saw her!

So the ceremony began. There were several speakers of course. The one that stood out was an Anesthesiologist who spoke about surgery and how he was responsible for all bodily functions including the bowl function. Yea, we could not believe he said that. But he did!

Next they read the names of the graduates and Butterfly and I stood up front and waited for Cinderella’s name to be called and wouldn’t you know it, my camera malfunctioned right when she was receiving her diploma! Arhggg.

But I got to witness it close up and my heart took a  big picture.

7133_1271353907404_1336572765_803702_5809333_nMy daughter, College Graduate

We went on to have a nice party at Tango’s parent’s house and… we celebrated by covering Cinderella with silly string. Why? because she did it to me when I graduated college. Pay back is a mother!!!

Picture 015

Oh, and Butterfly was such a trooper, but in the end she just had to give up.


Cinderella, I am so proud of you!!!!!!

They Did Not Have Facebook

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This is my newest post on Parent’s Zone.


dearhome_ww1_imageI was just thinking the other day about how lucky we are as parents of deployed children to be able to communicate with them during deployment. Do not get me wrong. It is still very hard to sleep with the phone, check email countless times and yes, I am sure we all know what it is like to “stalk” the mailman. 

I recently spoke with some Patriot Guard friends who lived through the Vietnam area. They reminded me to be thankful for communication we enjoy these days as they like their counterparts in WWII and other previous wars had rely on a written letter. Skype was far from being a possibility in those days.

Now, we also have the overwhelming influence of Social Networking sights. I can hardly believe I can logon to FaceBook everyday and see pictures posting from the ship. Not to mention the Capt of the ship occasionally will post updates. I search Twitter everyday for info and I have been able to connect with other families with loved ones on this ship. Why, I almost set my 80-year-mother on FaceBook. She declined and just decided to follow the Shutterfly site I have set up where I add all the news stories and pictures I find concerning the deployment.

I saw a tweet from a pregnant wife appealing to the ship to contact her deployed sailor because she is ready to give birth and her husband had not called since the ship sailed. Unbelievably, the ship replied and told her to email privately and the contact person on the ship said he would see what he could do. That did not happen in previous conflicts.

The point is that even though it is still very hard for us to sit and wait, nearly shower with the phone, exhaust every search phrase on Google and make the mailman want to change routes, we are very lucky and blessed. We are all in the boat together as were all the parents, wives, children…before us.


Wordless Wednesday – Fall Harvest

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