Working for our Wounded Vets – IraqStar.Org


There are so many great charities helping our wounded military. I recently heard about while listening to Dennis Miller on the radio. Mr. Miller is a great supporter of our military as well as a renowned comedian and outspoken political speaker.

 The military provides replacement of missing limbs with prosthetic devices. They also perform surgery to close wounds and graft skin to replace burned flesh. The military tries hard to help our military heal and return to a normal way of life but the military is not always able to return these heroes to fully functional people.

This is where comes in. This non-profit foundation dedicated to providing our wounded military from not only Iraq but Afghanistan as well, with surgeries for scarring from wounds, shrapnel and burns and they are determined to help wounded military regain their lives, pre-war wounds, and help them to have fully functional lives.

Maggie Lockridge, R.N. founded Iraq Star. She joined the United States Air Force Nurse Corps in 1966. In 1987, she became the owner and administrator of Shanteque, a recovery retreat for patients of cosmetic surgery. She has also dedicated 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her book Facelift Hotel to

On October 4, 2009 a fundraiser, A Night of Honour, will be held to benefit the IraqStar Foundation. Dr. Phil McGraw will host the all-star event with appearances by Tom Selleck, Jon Voight, Gary Sinise, and Dennis Miller along with many more. This will be a major Red Carpet event. The event also includes an auction where a custom IraqStar chopper provided by Orange County Choppers is up for auction.


To find out more please visit I am never ceased to be amazed at the generosity of the American people towards our military. As a military mom, I am always touched each time I learn of a new charity or group going the extra mile to serve those who serve us.


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