Military Monday – I Messed Up

Since my Marine son is now deployed I agreed to be responsible for his finances. I have stressed about this since he left. Yesterday I had to schedule a car payment. Well wouldn’t you know I did not do it correctly. I realized my mistake right after I did it. I made phone calls but because it was Sunday nothing was open. So of course I spent the rest of my day stressing on my mistake.

Monday came and I went to work waiting for the companies to open. I finally gained contact and begin the process of talking to the companies concerned. Luckily they are used to dealing with stressed out military moms like me. After several phones calls, faxing power of attorney and a couple of melt-downs on my part I managed to fix the situation.

All of this occurred after I received an email from said deployed son after which I was doing the happy dance, but then realized my screw-up. In the end of the day I just prayed. Nothing else I could do.

Deployment S@#%&s



One Response to “Military Monday – I Messed Up”

  1. […] of Sunday Brunch. I did not have a post last Sunday because of the my deployed son’s debacle car payment. After everything I went through which included multiple phone calls, begging, pleading and melting […]

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