Pollywogs and Shellbacks

I received an email from Lcpl Honda last night. He told me the ship has crossed the Equator. He also told me in a earlier email that anyone who has not crossed the Equator is called and Pollywog and anyone that has is called a Shellback. In order to become a Shellback you have to go through a sort of innitation. In the first email he said the Pollywogs would probably get sprayed with a fire hose. I thought how bad could that be? I should have know better considering it is the Military. Here is an accounting in his own words:

So we crossed the equator today and we became Shellbacks. Got sprayed with fire hoses and sea dye was thrown on us. The Sickest thing was going threw the chow hall because you had to push your plate with your nose, there was food on the ground and they put Crisco on the floor to make them slick. After it was all said and done and we saw King Neptune and showered up they had a Steel Beach Party on the Flight Deck.

I don’t think I want to know what sea dye is. So now I am the mom of a Shellback Marine. Nice.

I think I might see King Neptune too after all of that!  He signed off the email with LCpl “Shellback” Honda.



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