Sunday Brunch

Here we are with another edition of Sunday Brunch. I did not have a post last Sunday because of the my deployed son’s debacle car payment. After everything I went through which included multiple phone calls, begging, pleading and melting down several times, I received an email from LCpl Honda on Friday that two, count them two payments had been debited from his account (insert screaming and hair pulling from head here).WomanScreaming100X72

Now picture me, frantic Marine Mom at 6:00 in the morning desperately making more calls again and once again gathering up all the info, power of attorney, fax numbers and such for another day of stress and feeling like a major @$%*up. Just when I thought it was ok. Nope. Well the bank could not reverse the debits. They were already gone. Car payment company would not return the money. So now here I am at 9:00 in the am trying to figure out how to get money to my son who is in port in a third world country. At the time he thought he would get liberty and wanted to have money to go ashore. I checked into wiring money but Lord knows where it would end up. Sent several emails to deployed son but since it was the middle of the night there that did not work out too well. I finally started Googleing everything I could think of. Yes, Google is my friend lately. I finally found out that I could wire money from my bank to his bank. Problem solved!

The only good thing that came out of this is I received a call from LCpl Honda on Friday afternoon. He had not received my emails and was calling wondering if things had been resolved. Thank goodness I was able to tell him they were. It turns out he was not able to leave the ship so the money was not such and issue.

After all of this we managed to have a great weekend with Butterfly. We ate popcorn, Picture 001made rootbeer floats and watched many movies. Saturday was very hot here in the desert southwest and Butterfly and I made a not-so-great trip to up the park in the middle of the day. I live about a half block from a park, but it must have been close to 100 degrees that day. We managed to have a better park trip on Sunday morning with friends. Butterfly learned better bicycle skills, fed ducks and was interviewed by our local news channel that is doing a news story about cleaning up our local park lake.

The evening was better. Corvette, Butterfly and I planted two Birds of Paradise in the backyard. It turned intobird quite a mudfest, but was a lot of fun.

Sunday was great. It was my Dad’s, Grandpa DingDon’s 84th birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!! We joined my sister Krafty, bro-in-law Speedracer, Speedracer’s Mom, Cindrella andButterfly in a celebration with good food and birthday cake. I dug up a baby cactus to plant in my yard, we had a bit of a political discussion and basically a nice day.

My Cinderella bought me a beautiful dress for her wedding. My search for the perfect dress Picture 028has been ongoing for awhile now. She also bought Corvette a great tie.Picture 027 I will now blend in with the guys in the wedding and Corvette with blend in with the ladies. Perfect.

So the recipe today for Sunday Brunch is:

Tequila Sunrise


2 ounces gold tequila
4 ounces fresh orange juice

3/4 ounce grenadine Cause I need it after this week!




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