Sunday Brunch

Sunday is here again. I really wish it was still Saturday, but it is not. The week flew by and on Friday, Corvette and I were off to watch Cinderella graduate from college. I left work a little early because we had a two-hour drive to where Cinderella lives. The trip started off well and about half way there we stopped at a fast food place to get something to eat. I ordered a double cheeseburger and Corvette got chicken strips. So we get back on the highway and I opened the bag to get out the food. I pulled out a closed, odd-shaped box and asked Corvette what was in the box. Right at that moment Corvette was getting on the highway which we could go one of two ways. North to where Cinderella lives or west to where there is not really anything for about forty miles. Guess where we were heading? Yea, west to the point of no return. So of course he says it is my fault for asking what was in the box. So now we had a decision to make. Go forty miles out of our way to turn around and be late or make a fast turn around on one of those emergency turn around spots and risk a ticket. Well since there was no one around we took the risk and made a fast turn and got back on the right path. By the way, in the box were the most pathetic looking chicken strips I have ever seen. They definitely did not call for the packaging they were in and Corvette said they were not all that tasty either.

When we arrived at Cinderella’s house there was excitement in the air. Sailor Girl, Cinderella’s best friend was there along with Tango and Butterfly. After taking the biggest balloon bouquet I think I have ever seen to the graduation party site7133_1271353187386_1336572765_803684_6541686_n along with cake and cupcakes we were on our way to the graduation venue which of course was at a downtown convention center. Thank goodness Tango was driving because considering the number of one-way streets, high-rise buildings and our general lack of knowledge of the downtown area, we never would have made it there.

Once we got there and after walking around the entire convention center we finally found the building the graduation was to take place in. We took our seats and waited for the processional to begin. Once it began we waited to see Cinderella. Picture 003We waited and waited and waited… Finally we saw her!

So the ceremony began. There were several speakers of course. The one that stood out was an Anesthesiologist who spoke about surgery and how he was responsible for all bodily functions including the bowl function. Yea, we could not believe he said that. But he did!

Next they read the names of the graduates and Butterfly and I stood up front and waited for Cinderella’s name to be called and wouldn’t you know it, my camera malfunctioned right when she was receiving her diploma! Arhggg.

But I got to witness it close up and my heart took a  big picture.

7133_1271353907404_1336572765_803702_5809333_nMy daughter, College Graduate

We went on to have a nice party at Tango’s parent’s house and… we celebrated by covering Cinderella with silly string. Why? because she did it to me when I graduated college. Pay back is a mother!!!

Picture 015

Oh, and Butterfly was such a trooper, but in the end she just had to give up.


Cinderella, I am so proud of you!!!!!!


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