For All The Right Reasons

When I learned President Obama went to Dover Air Force Base last 102909_obamahonorsnight to honor fifteen fallen troops and three DEA agents returning from Afghanistan I admit I was not quite sure what to think. He has been holding off on sending more troops to Afghanistan for many months now. I am not an expert but I am sure there are political reasons for the delay such as the upcoming elections on November 7.

I would like to hope that Obama visited the fallen troops and their families as an honorable thing and not a political ploy. I know that it is not possible for a sitting President to meet each fallen troops as they return. On one hand, I am glad he went and I am sure it had to be a comfort to the families. If my child was returning after sacrificing their life for our country, I know I would appreciate the President of the United States making the effort to come and pay his respects. I am not sure however that I would want reporters there. I have not been in the situation so I really cannot say.

As the mother of an active duty service member I do not always agree politically with out nation’s leaders, but one thing is for sure, I respect them just as my son does and my daughter did when she served. When asked about my son’s stand on the current wars he just says it is his job to do to the best of his ability and to respect his commander-in-chief. Not everyone agrees with this and that is okay. This is why we live in America. We have this right guaranteed.

Getting back to President Obama’s visit, I cannot look into the man’s heart, but I have enough faith and hope that he did this for the right reasons. If so then I applaud you. If not than all I can say is, “Shame on you.” In addition, I hope that President Obama took a good long look at the cost the Afghan war is causing. I sincerely hope this experience will aid him in making the right decision so this scene is not repeated. But, alas, I think that is just wishful thinking on my part.

More importantly, we must remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms. We must remember the families whose loved ones sacrificed for our freedoms. Paying our respects to these troops and their families is really something we all should do. We cannot do it everyday in a personal way, but we can inside ourselves.



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