This Little Light of Mine.

It has been ten days since I heard from LCpl Honda. Normally I would not worry too much but I need to communicate with him on some financial issues. I believe they are out of range for communications and I am sure they are involved in some intense training exercises. Still I need to talk to him.

My cellphone has a light that flashes everytime I get an email. So of course I practically lunge for the phone everytime I see it flash. This includes the middle of the night if I happen to be awake. Since Buddy needs to go outside quite frequently (small bladder) I check the little light several times a night.

When I am at work my phone is on vibrate so along with the flashing light my phone buzzes everytime I receive an email. I do not know how many co-workers I am driving crazy but I think they know better than to approach the deployed Marine’s mommie!

Even Corvette has gotten in on all the fun as when he sees the light before me he has taken to announcing, loudly, “Your phone is flashing!” What can I say. He is a deployed Marine’s daddy.

So it goes. We are living for the flashing light. Now if my dogs start bringing me the phone when it is flashing it is going to get scary.

I had an even scarier thought. What if I did not get email on my phone? I fear I would be walking around with my laptop strapped to my body!

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