Sunday Brunch – Two Ceiling Fans & a Bed Frame

Yea, it is Sunday again. Boo, tomorrow is Monday. But, yea next week is a three day weekend! I am looking forward to that and of course Thanksgiving! Yes, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No shopping, no stress just a lot of good food and family times. This is the first year in I do not know how many that I will not be hosting the meal.   I am not sure how I feel about that. It is nice to take a break, but I know I am going to miss the leftovers!

We went shopping yesterday and bought a new bed frame. It is wrought iron and wood and fits our southwestern motif better. The picture is not my actual bed because as I am writing this the bed has not yet been put together. But strangley, the comforter set looks like one I had a few years ago.

Corvette went out on Friday and bought two new ceiling fans for the bedrooms. Thank goodness I can now get rid of the ugly oscilating fan currently residing in my bedroom. Corvette is currently working on fan #1 which is going in our room.

This was another shopping outing without me for Corvette. I am happy with both fans. This one has two-sided blades, one side is wood and the other is black. I voted for wood and Corvette wanted black. I almost won this one but Corvette found a little nick on the wood side of one of the blades sooo he used that as an arguement to use the black sides. Whatever!

The second fan will probably not get up until next weekend. That is ok since the only ones using this bedroom right now are my cat, Angie and the dogs who have their crates in there. Can not let the little rascals run loose during the day when we are at work. Do not want to come home to destroyed furniture. Lucie, my big red dog just turned a year old this month and still likes to chew anything in her path. I keep hoping she will grow out of it. In the meantime I supply her with a steady stream of chew bones.

On Saturday we got to spend some time with the twins, Fuzzy and Wuzzy. We met up with Hippie Guy and Flower Child at the park near our house. They are three months old now and starting to notice the world around them. Both kept looking at the playground equipment. Next year they will be all over that. Here is a few pics of their adventure at the park,

Oh, Santa made an early visit!


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