Oh Luuucie!

Last night I made steak for dinner. I sure most of you have noticed that steak is not cheap. I figured I would splurge a little and Corvette loves steak.

I made potatoes and a salad to go along with it. It was all done and sitting on the counter. I went outside for just a minute. Corvette was in the bedroom.

That is when it happened. I walked back inside to find Lucie, my big red dog licking her dog bed. There was a brown stain were she was licking. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach at that point. I walked to the kitchen and looked at the counter and nooooooo! Actually yes, Lucie had helped herself to the steak.

As much as I did not want to do it I had to break it to Corvette. He took it pretty well. No blood was shed. Mostly he had a few choice words for the dog.

Note to self: Make sure food is not reachable by big red dog. Stop at store and get another steak.

Where is The Dog Whisperer when you need him?



2 Responses to “Oh Luuucie!”

  1. It looks like you are a real specialist. Did ya study about the subject? *lol*

  2. Awww, she just had an early Thanksgiving thats all. LOL

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