Steam Mop vs Home Entertaiment System

No, I have not dropped of the face of the earth. I just took a little computer break. For some reason I had no desire to open my laptop over the long holiday weekend. So, I took it easy and watched some mindless TV.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Hippie Guy, Flower Child, the twins Fuzzy and Wuzzy and Grandma M and Grandpa DingDon. Flower Child prepared a fabulous meal and she definitely pulled out all the stops. Considering this was her first time making almost the entire meal, she scored an A+ with everyone.

Corvette and I actually went out and braved Black Friday. It was ok until we tried to get into the Electronics dept. in Wal-Mart. That only took 20 minutes of maneuvering around the hordes of people. We finally made it in and out. I am now the proud owner of a Shark Steam mop and Corvette walked out with a Blue-ray player. The mop works great, the player uh, let us just say it has a learning curve.

So, the next night Corvette decides to go back to Wal-Mart and purchase a home entertainment system. The last thing I want is a theatre in my living room. Therefore, he fiddles with it half the night and for a good eight hours on Sunday. He finally got it working. I have to assume he broke down and read the instructions. Just as a side note, I spent the day in my bedroom watching Bridezillas and numerous other reality shows and listening to the steady stream of expletives coming from the living room. So fast-forward to Monday morning. I get up and try to turn on the TV. Guess what? No sound. Nada. Nothing. Corvette gets up and plays with it and after more expletives he decides to take it back after work.

Hooray. Score on for team Juliannah! As of today, my living room is my living room again! Thank goodness because if he would have got it to work I might have been waking up to a popcorn machine in my kitchen.


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