Thank Goodness I Answered

My cellphone rang yesterday and I did not recognize the number. Most of the time I do not answer it. I hate being bothered by salespeople and such. But for some reason I felt compelled to answer the phone. Thank goodness I did because it was LCpl Honda calling from somewhere on the other side of the world. Oh happy day!

He told me he only had 10 minutes to talk and then launched into a myriad of OSPEC rules and how he can’t say much. My replies to all that:



“I know.”

“I won’t.” etc. etc. etc.

My thoughts were let’s just talk here. I have not talked to you for 2 months. Anyway we finally had a real conversation and he is well and happy. Finally got all his financial business taken care of and he was really happy to find out I was successful in acquiring his high school transcripts that he needs for reenlistment. I do not know but I think that is coming up soon.

Anyway the call was a great surprise and he also told me I would get another one real soon. So I’m guessing it will be a very Merry Christmas for this deployed Marine’s mommie!


2 Responses to “Thank Goodness I Answered”

  1. I can totally understand – I get the weirdest caller ID’s and my temptation is not to pick up. In the meantime I stand next to the answering machine to hear if it’s HIM πŸ™‚ it it is I quickly pick up the phone. Or by now I have learned to just pick it up at the right moments πŸ™‚ Susanna

  2. I think we develop a sixth sense when it comes to our kids.

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