No More Deployment. Mom Says No.

So after trying to figure out how much it would cost to register LCpl Honda’s car we finally went to take it to the DMV a couple of weeks ago. I was happy thinking, alright this will be done, and we will not have to worry about it anymore.

So. I. Thought.

I get in the car and go to start the car and…nothing. The battery is dead. Ok. So, we will jump it, except it is in the garage parked next to a boat, so we cannot get close to it. Corvette says it is ok because he has six-foot jumper cables and they should reach.

They. Do. Not.

We tried with his truck but the cables would just not reach. So, we tried with my VW. After inching my car right up behind Local Honda’s car and pull hard on the cables, we finally have success and get the car started. Peace and happiness again.

So. We. Think.

We head off to the DMV and get inside feeling lucky because there is hardly anyone there. I walk up to the desk and explain for the umpteenth time since this deployment started that my son is serving in the military and currently deployed, I have Power of Attorney and we would like to register his car. She asked for the car title. Now you see, the car is leased. The leasing company has the title.

Holy. #%@$%*&.%@*&.

The woman tells me I need a Power of Attorney from the leasing company. All I can think is the nightmare I already went through with the leasing company concerning his car payment when LCpl Honda first left. I envision the company refusing to speak to me again and me having to fax my POA AGAIN and wait AGAIN for several days while the POA gets to the correct person and they agree talk to me. Not only that, I have no idea if they will even agree to send me their POA.

Well, we go home feeling defeated again. I pick up the phone. I make the call. I speak to a very nice young man. Insert drumroll here. He agrees to send me the POA!!!!

Fast forward to today. The car is registered and I am happy once again. I am so done with this deployment though. But I have learned. Oh yes, I learned.


One Response to “No More Deployment. Mom Says No.”

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