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Good News and Bad News

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So which would you like first? Since I tend to be an optimist, I am going with the good news first.

As of Feb. 1, LCpl Honda will be known as Cpl Honda. YEA!!! He has waited for this for a while. Since there are  so many people in the Marine Corps and there are only so many slots it is really hard to pick up rank. He now can have the blood stripe and sword. Awesome!

I found out in an email that came to my Blackberry while at work. Love my phone! I was even emailing him in real time for a bit. This is only the second time that has happened. Last time it was at 3:00 in the morning, so yea for me too.

Now for the bad news. The deployment might be extended. Can you hear the big sigh! It was really a scream, but since I was at work I decided to spare my co-workers. After all they already listen to enough of my craziness.

He could not say why, but I have a sneaking suspicion of the reason and I think that has to do with natural disasters. Could be wrong, but I do not think so.

So looks like I will deal with the deployment gremlins a little longer. I might just have to put the cat in the garage. See how they like that!

Cinderella’s Wedding is Coming!

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Please go read about Cinderella’s upcoming wedding!