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I want to let you know about, a generous company that has been supporting our Nation’s Troops for the past year. They have already donated over 20,000 welcome home banners to military families like ours and they want to continue their support of the military community in the future. They also proudly display welcome home stories and pictures from military families on their website. I believe we should support the companies who support us, which is why I am asking you to help me get the word out about this company. If you or someone you know needs a sign or banner, please tell them to buy from is offering us a special 25% off all of their products through the end of June to help them continue their support of our troops. I hope you will help support this company that has done so much for military families around the country. This is a generic copy of the jumbo card I sent my nephew in the Sand for Christmas last year. It measured 18″ x 24″. CpL Red now (Sgt) loved it! Sshhh. I think LCpl Honda will get one during his upcoming deployment.


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Military Monday

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Yes, I know it is Tuesday. As I said before just a little writer’s block. But I am glad to announce that when I checked my email today I had a nice little post just waiting for me.

My nephew Cpl Red is still on his year-long delployment to the Sandbox. The group he is with sends a newsletter every month. Whoever writes the newsletter decided to include quotes from the guys to their family and friends.

Here are a few:

“Happy mother’s day Nancy and to all the wonderful mothers who supported us during this deployment. Your job is the hardest. Ours pales in comparison to what you do everyday. To Kerry, Isabella, Sean, and Ryangela – I miss you tons and can’t wait to see you again. I can’t wait to build your animal cage, play Barbies, shoot your BB pistol, and dress up your babies. I love you all. Love Hubby/Daddy”
“To Family, Thank you so much for all the birthday gifts, love you all so much & miss you. Daddy will be home soon. Can’t wait to see how big my two little angels have grown. LaShed continue being a good brother to your sister Tatyanna, and a good boy for your mother. Baby I love you so much and miss you. I know this is hard for you but you’re doing a great job all around. You’re an amazing wife & an outstanding wife. So happy to have found you, you’re my wife, best friend, soul mate, partner, better half and my heart. Love you all Love Daddy/your Husband”

 “To friends and family: Thank you for all your support during our time in country thus far. It’s been one heck of a year so far, but we’ve had a lot of good memories. However, we all look forward to returning back home, and seeing everyone again.”

This must be the poet in the bunch.

 Sandstorms – A haiku 

Sandstorms come and go

Blowing dust and blindness around

Misery on post
I was reading all these really heartfelt messages and then I come to Cpl Red’s message:

“This has been a very long deployment, can’t wait to get home.”
That’s it. No love you, miss you, Happy Mother’s day Mom. Oh well, he never was long on words.

Here is a picture of his group. I can’t find him in here so maybe Crafty will chime in a let me know.