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Angel Tuesday

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imagesToday’s Angel is Nicholas Aiden Laplante. Nicholas became an Angel on October 8th, 2008 fighting a battle with a brain tumor. He was fourteen months old.

Nicholas was sweet baby boy with a popeye smile and beautiful eyes.website_toys_largepictures_80-011 During his short time on earth he learned to say what, mom, dad, sis, quack, and no. He loved to ride his four-wheeler ride toy.

Nicholas is loved and missed by his mommy, Daddy and sister. Please add this family to your prayers and stop by their memorial for Nicholas.

Wordless Wednesday – Clouds

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rainbow cloud


glowing cloud


hole in the red sky cloud


angel cloud


all of these clouds appeared on a different Angelversaries of our Lolly Pop Kid.

Angel Tuesday

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Angel Tuesday profiles Asa Imad Mayle who became and angel on January 4, 2007. He was 6 years old and in the first grade. Asa was hit by a school bus as he was crossing the street.

I learned of Asa through Virtual Memorials. Lolly Pop Kid’s online memorial is at this site also. Please feel free to visit.

Asa was an inquisitive little boy with a big kool-aid smile and big brown eyes. He liked his clothes nice and neat and he especially loved his belt.

Asa absolutely loved everything Batman. He had Batman sheets and would tie them around his neck and make a cape. His mommie could not resit buying Asa Batman batman-022007-10stuff.

He once asked his mommie, “If Batman can’t fly why does he have a cape?” Good question.

Asa even at his young age would talk about growing up, getting married and going to college. He wanted to go to Ohio State. He also new what kind of car he would like to own. Asa wanted a PT Cruiser. Spotting PT Cruisers became a game for Asa. He would shout “PT Cruiser I saw it you missed it!!”

imagesAsa is loved and missed by his family and always will be. Please take a moment to visit his beautiful memorial made in loving memory of Asa by his mommie.

Angel Tuesday

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I had a lot of trouble starting this post. I am not sure why. Maybe because I wish I did not have to. I did not realize how many children die each day. To be honest it was not something I wanted to think about. Nobody does.

Today is seven weeks since Lolly Pop Kid became an angel.  Today is another Angelversary.

So I will try and bring a new child each week either an angel or a child with an illness. Please pray for these children and their families. Visit their blogs or sites and if possible leave a message.

The pain does not go away and it does not get better. It helps when people reach out.

Here is Lolly’s memorial site.



I wish I could open the door and pick you up and hug away the tears.

I wish you could open the door and pick me up and hug away the tears.

What I Learned Today

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Today is two weeks since our Lolly Pop Kid went to heaven. I will be honest, it still hurts just as bad as it did that day. I do not believe it will ever feel any better.

I got up this morning and got dressed for work, made my lunch and then sat down on the couch to wait for the time to leave. The news was on TV with coverage of the upcoming services for Michael Jackson. I have to admit that when I learned of his death two days after Lolly left us I felt disgusted, angry and frustrated. Why? Well the media hype for one. The other thing was watching all those people with their flowers, balloons and messages for someone they really did not know. I felt hurt and envy because we really lost someone we knew. It felt unfair.

As I sat on the couch I soon realized that I would not be able to go to work today. My thoughts were  only on Lolly, my daughter and family…all of our family. I just knew that I needed to be with myself today. So, I tried to resist watching the coverage fearing it would just be a giant spectacle and would only make me feel worse…but, I am inherently nosy so I kept watching.

Now I do not know if MJ was a good or bad person. I can only conclude that only God knows what is truly in someone’s heart, but whatever the case I am sure any question about that has been rectified by now. That being said, as I watched the service and listened to the music and speakers one thing came across to me. Lolly’s service and MJ’s service had one common thread. They were about love. Pure, simple love. I realized that just like our family, MJ’s family’s hearts are also broken. They are feeling this horrible pain right now and like us, always will. So, I guess there was a few reasons I could not go to work today.

I needed to be reminded of compassion.

I needed to be reminded not to envy.

I needed to be reminded to look to love and not anger.

I needed to remember to trust in God.

Maybe Lolly is learning how to MoonWalk in Heaven.

Maybe MJ is learning what it is like to be a simple, carefree child.


Picture 001

We Have an Angel

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I am writing this post to tell all that I probably won’t be blogging for awhile.

On Tuesday my grandson, Lolly Pop Kid went to heaven. It was very sudden and unexpected. Our hearts are broken. We miss him so much. If you wish please say a prayer for his mommie, Cinderalla, his daddy, Tango and his sister Butterfly.

And that’s all I have to say about that…

donovanRest in Peace our sweet Angel