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Deployment Gremlins

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I have read on a few military wives’ blogs about deployment gremlins. I am assuming they are problems that only crop up during deployment. My gremlins definitely inhabit that damn car. Yes, LCpl Honda’s car.

Just when you think, all is well the curse of the car strikes again. LCpl Honda emailed me on Sunday night. This is what he said:

Subject Car Registration stuff… again 😦

“Hey I know we thought this stuff was done but I need you to check on something for me. I got a letter yesterday from the ****** DMV about my car not getting registered and being late, they said I owe them $500 some odd dollars. Anyways I need you to contact the ****** DMV and tell them that my car is registered in ****** now and make sure that I don’t owe any of that money. Thanks Mom, love you.”


Breathe Juliannah.

Once again, images of Power of Attorneys flying back and forth and people refusing to speak to me go through my mind. Why, why, why?

I decide to wait until I get home from work to call because I do not need to be standing in a parking lot begging some unknown person to help me. When I called, I get a computer telling me that the wait for a human should be less than ten minutes. Ok, I can do that. After a few minutes, the voice comes on and says the same thing. After 10 minutes, the voice comes on and says the wait is now longer than 10 minutes and I should hang up and call back later or another day.

I. Don’t. Think. So!

Sooo, I just put the phone on speaker, sit it on the table and take a seat on the couch. I figure there is no way I am going to hang up and call back. I am still trying to figure out how less than 10 minutes can turn into more than 10 minutes. I really do not think you can take cuts on a phone line. Nope, I think it was a ploy to get people off the phone. I never had much love for the DMV anyway.

Now this is the real funny part. 30 seconds after I put the phone on the table, a woman answers. That’s right. Gotcha DMV! So I brace for the worse and start to explain the situation. She tells me I need to mail the original letter and write on it that the car is registered in my state. Ah, I explain that the letter is floating somewhere in the middle of the ocean and besides that I just received a Christmas card from LCpl Honda postmarked Dec. 15 yesterday. That is not happening.

She thinks for a minute and then tells me to send a copy of the registration along with a letter stating the car is registered. She also asks me about LCpl Honda and his deployment and says to thank him for his service. Finally, an angel amongst all the devils I have spoken to throughout this deployment!

So another car problem solved. Except the car battery is dead again, but that is Corvette’s problem.

I am sure the gremlins had something to do with that too. Because I am sure, when I am gone they are rocking out to the radio and playing with LCpl Honda’s GPS.

Military Monday – Reenlistment

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Today’s Military Monday is taking on a more personal note as it should because my son, Lcpl Honda reenlisted for another four years into the US Marine Corps!. He stood on the flight deck of the ship on which he is current deployed and to the oath and once again pledge to honor and defend his country.

This is important because not only are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us and their country, they also make many other sacrifices on a daily basis. From having to share living space with other people and be stationed away from family members for most of their service time.

Sometimes they are not also able to come home for holidays or special events. Cinderella will get married in two weeks and LCpl Honda will still be floating around the ocean somewhere. His cover and gloves will be gracing a pew in the church to honor his place in our family, but that is not the same.

Military families make these sacrifices too! Millions of mothers have lived through deployment. Even though LCpl Honda is not in a combat situation, it is still hard none the less. Also wives and children have to miss having their husbands and fathers, not to mention they have to live like single mothers for months on end.

So, yes these men and women should be commended for reenlisting and committing more time to the service of our country.

Thank You LCpl Honda. Your family is proud of you. You country is proud of you.

Sunday Brunch – A New Year

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I am praying for a better year. I am looking forward to watching Cinderella walk down the aisle on her father’s arm to be given away to a most wonderful man. I am so happy to welcome Tango to our family. I am also happy to become part of Tango’s family. More peeps to love.

I am so looking forward to my son, LCpl Honda returning from deployment. I never knew how hard this could be. Maybe if communication had not been cut off for so long it would be better. Maybe if I could have actually understood him on Christmas Day it would be better. Maybe. I just received an email from him today, finally after two months. He sounded so down and just wants to come home. He said he was sorry about the car fiasco and sorry for sounding grumpy on Christmas day. It is ok son. I understand.

We did manage to have a nice New Year’s Eve. I made a ham dinner for a bunch of people who are basically hamed out this season. Me and Corvette have only had turkey so we wanted ham. Needless to say I have a lot of leftovers. That’s ok, ham salad, ham and eggs and of course ham and beans which I made yesterday. We had Butterfly for the weekend. Grandma M and Grandpa DingDon, Hippie Guy, Flower Girl and the twins came along with a good friend of mine and her daughter. I don’t know how I did it but I made it to midnight and we blew off confetti poppers and made a bunch of noise. We were also treated to a fireworks show via our neighbors.

So, as I said we hope for a better year filled with a wedding, good family times, homecomings and maybe some more grandkids! Yes, that would be wonderful.

Happy New Year and the recipe for today is, of course Ham and Beans:

1 pound of Navy Beans

1 pound of Pinto Beans

A ham bone with lots of ham attached

1/2 teaspoon of onion powder

1/2 teaspoon of pepper

Put all the ingredients in a crock pot and turn on low for about five or six hours until the beans are soft and the ham is falling of the bone. Remove and give the bone to your dog. Lucie, my big red dog enjoyed the bone this year. Buddy my chihuahua enjoyed a few ham pieces.

No More Deployment. Mom Says No.

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So after trying to figure out how much it would cost to register LCpl Honda’s car we finally went to take it to the DMV a couple of weeks ago. I was happy thinking, alright this will be done, and we will not have to worry about it anymore.

So. I. Thought.

I get in the car and go to start the car and…nothing. The battery is dead. Ok. So, we will jump it, except it is in the garage parked next to a boat, so we cannot get close to it. Corvette says it is ok because he has six-foot jumper cables and they should reach.

They. Do. Not.

We tried with his truck but the cables would just not reach. So, we tried with my VW. After inching my car right up behind Local Honda’s car and pull hard on the cables, we finally have success and get the car started. Peace and happiness again.

So. We. Think.

We head off to the DMV and get inside feeling lucky because there is hardly anyone there. I walk up to the desk and explain for the umpteenth time since this deployment started that my son is serving in the military and currently deployed, I have Power of Attorney and we would like to register his car. She asked for the car title. Now you see, the car is leased. The leasing company has the title.

Holy. #%@$%*&.%@*&.

The woman tells me I need a Power of Attorney from the leasing company. All I can think is the nightmare I already went through with the leasing company concerning his car payment when LCpl Honda first left. I envision the company refusing to speak to me again and me having to fax my POA AGAIN and wait AGAIN for several days while the POA gets to the correct person and they agree talk to me. Not only that, I have no idea if they will even agree to send me their POA.

Well, we go home feeling defeated again. I pick up the phone. I make the call. I speak to a very nice young man. Insert drumroll here. He agrees to send me the POA!!!!

Fast forward to today. The car is registered and I am happy once again. I am so done with this deployment though. But I have learned. Oh yes, I learned.

Thank Goodness I Answered

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My cellphone rang yesterday and I did not recognize the number. Most of the time I do not answer it. I hate being bothered by salespeople and such. But for some reason I felt compelled to answer the phone. Thank goodness I did because it was LCpl Honda calling from somewhere on the other side of the world. Oh happy day!

He told me he only had 10 minutes to talk and then launched into a myriad of OSPEC rules and how he can’t say much. My replies to all that:



“I know.”

“I won’t.” etc. etc. etc.

My thoughts were let’s just talk here. I have not talked to you for 2 months. Anyway we finally had a real conversation and he is well and happy. Finally got all his financial business taken care of and he was really happy to find out I was successful in acquiring his high school transcripts that he needs for reenlistment. I do not know but I think that is coming up soon.

Anyway the call was a great surprise and he also told me I would get another one real soon. So I’m guessing it will be a very Merry Christmas for this deployed Marine’s mommie!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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It is now snowing on the Box of Chocolates! Interesting little extra from WordPress. We do not see much snow where we live so I will just have to settle for this. Plus no digging out, sliding around or blizzard!

I have really been having a block on what to post about lately. Maybe it is the time of year. I don’t know. I think I need a vacation too so I can just relax and get my mojo back. I did not really have a vacation this year. I had time off but it was not a vacation.

I also have not heard from LCpl Honda for over a month and even though I know he is fine it would be great to hear from him. If you out there LCpl Honda, I love you and miss you!

Cinderella’s wedding shower is this weekend so that should be fun. Can you guess what the theme is? It was supposed to be a surprise but Tango’s sister let it slip to Cinderella. Actually she pretty much figured it out anyway. If you know my daughter then you know why I call her Cinderella.

One last note, we had another heartbreaking family event this week. I do not want to mention it here but please say a prayer for my family. Enough already God.

This Little Light of Mine.

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It has been ten days since I heard from LCpl Honda. Normally I would not worry too much but I need to communicate with him on some financial issues. I believe they are out of range for communications and I am sure they are involved in some intense training exercises. Still I need to talk to him.

My cellphone has a light that flashes everytime I get an email. So of course I practically lunge for the phone everytime I see it flash. This includes the middle of the night if I happen to be awake. Since Buddy needs to go outside quite frequently (small bladder) I check the little light several times a night.

When I am at work my phone is on vibrate so along with the flashing light my phone buzzes everytime I receive an email. I do not know how many co-workers I am driving crazy but I think they know better than to approach the deployed Marine’s mommie!

Even Corvette has gotten in on all the fun as when he sees the light before me he has taken to announcing, loudly, “Your phone is flashing!” What can I say. He is a deployed Marine’s daddy.

So it goes. We are living for the flashing light. Now if my dogs start bringing me the phone when it is flashing it is going to get scary.

I had an even scarier thought. What if I did not get email on my phone? I fear I would be walking around with my laptop strapped to my body!

Happy Birthday Marine Corps!

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On November 10, 1775 the United States Marine Corps was founded at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today the Marines celebrated 224 years of defending our country.

In 1921 Commadant Gen John J. Lejune issued Marine Corps Order No. 47, Series 1921. This order contains the traditions, histories and missions of the Marine Corps. It also contains an order to always recognize November 10 and to read the order each year.

It was not long before Marines begin to celebrate the date and in 1921 the first birthday ball was held at Marine Barracks at Ft. Millfin, Pennsylvania. The tradition soon grew and now the Marine Corps celebrates with balls in many locations.

LCpl Honda went to his first Marine Corps Ball two years ago. Here are couple of pictures.



Needless to say he will not be attending the ball this year. Hopefully the Marines had a celebration at sea!

But once again, Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!



Military Family Month

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I missed Military Monday because sometimes life just gets in the way. Along with ‘Dancing with the Stars’. 😉

I just read where President Obama has proclaimed November Military Family Month. Funny I first heard about this on Twitter from a military supporter. Seems this should have been on the news. Maybe it was and I just missed it. Anyway this should have been done a long time ago. I have found that a lot of people with military family members do not understand the scarifice of the family members. Even LCpl Honda has said he believes military life is harder on family members than the one actually serving. So read this procalamtion and while you are thanking a member of the miltary remember to thank their family members too.

“No one pays a higher price for our freedom than members of our Nation’s military and their families. As sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers are deployed, military families endure with exceptional resilience and courage. They provide our troops with invaluable encouragement and love, and serve our Nation in their own right. During Military Family Month, we honor the families of our Armed Forces and thank them for their dedication to our country.

“Though only a small percentage of our Nation’s population, our troops bear the great responsibility of protecting our people. They, along with their families, serve us every day with courage and dignity. Ensuring that military families receive the respect they deserve and the support they have earned is a top priority for my Administration.

“The strength of our Nation is measured not just by our success on the battlefield, but also by our ability to support those families who have made so many sacrifices for us. Time and again, military families have shown their heart in the face of adversity. We have a solemn obligation to ensure that while our men and women in uniform discharge their duties, we do all we can to promote and preserve the well-being of their families. We must also support the families of our wounded warriors and our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy.

“This month, we celebrate the tremendous contributions of military families, convey to them our deepest respect and appreciation, and recommit ourselves to their support.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2009 as Military Family Month. I call on all Americans to honor military families through private actions and public service for the tremendous contributions they make in the support of our service members and our Nation.”

Pollywogs and Shellbacks

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I received an email from Lcpl Honda last night. He told me the ship has crossed the Equator. He also told me in a earlier email that anyone who has not crossed the Equator is called and Pollywog and anyone that has is called a Shellback. In order to become a Shellback you have to go through a sort of innitation. In the first email he said the Pollywogs would probably get sprayed with a fire hose. I thought how bad could that be? I should have know better considering it is the Military. Here is an accounting in his own words:

So we crossed the equator today and we became Shellbacks. Got sprayed with fire hoses and sea dye was thrown on us. The Sickest thing was going threw the chow hall because you had to push your plate with your nose, there was food on the ground and they put Crisco on the floor to make them slick. After it was all said and done and we saw King Neptune and showered up they had a Steel Beach Party on the Flight Deck.

I don’t think I want to know what sea dye is. So now I am the mom of a Shellback Marine. Nice.

I think I might see King Neptune too after all of that!  He signed off the email with LCpl “Shellback” Honda.