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Military Monday – Reenlistment

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Today’s Military Monday is taking on a more personal note as it should because my son, Lcpl Honda reenlisted for another four years into the US Marine Corps!. He stood on the flight deck of the ship on which he is current deployed and to the oath and once again pledge to honor and defend his country.

This is important because not only are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for us and their country, they also make many other sacrifices on a daily basis. From having to share living space with other people and be stationed away from family members for most of their service time.

Sometimes they are not also able to come home for holidays or special events. Cinderella will get married in two weeks and LCpl Honda will still be floating around the ocean somewhere. His cover and gloves will be gracing a pew in the church to honor his place in our family, but that is not the same.

Military families make these sacrifices too! Millions of mothers have lived through deployment. Even though LCpl Honda is not in a combat situation, it is still hard none the less. Also wives and children have to miss having their husbands and fathers, not to mention they have to live like single mothers for months on end.

So, yes these men and women should be commended for reenlisting and committing more time to the service of our country.

Thank You LCpl Honda. Your family is proud of you. You country is proud of you.

5 Ways to Support the Troops During the Holidays

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While I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to send to LCpl Honda in his Christmas Care Package I started doing a little research on the internet. I found many great charities and companies that focus on making Christmas for our deployed service people a happy day.

 If you are wondering, what you can do here is just a few of the ideas that I came across.

1. Send a USO care package to a deployed service member. Operation USO Care Package will send a care package to those either deployed or en route to an overseas deployment.

2. Operation UpLink provides phones cards for deployed military members. Being able to call home is a priceless gift you can give to a military member and their family.

3. Christmas Spirit Foundation donates Christmas trees for military families. What a wonderful gift for the family back home!  Being separated from loved ones during the holidays is stressful to say the least. The Christmas Spirit Foundation provides trees and helps families with one less thing to worry about during the holidays.

4. Donate toys to the Marines Toys for Tots program. This benefits all children whether in the military or not. Besides, Christmas is all about the kids and the Marine Corps has successfully made a wonderful Christmas for kids since 1991.

5. Adopt a Soldier. This is the gift that keeps on giving. You can adopt a military member and help by sending care packages and letters throughout his/her entire deployment.

Whatever you choose to do is up to you but this is just five ways you can help and bring some holiday spirit to those who are making it possible for us to celebrate the holidays in freedom.


Military Family Month

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I missed Military Monday because sometimes life just gets in the way. Along with ‘Dancing with the Stars’. 😉

I just read where President Obama has proclaimed November Military Family Month. Funny I first heard about this on Twitter from a military supporter. Seems this should have been on the news. Maybe it was and I just missed it. Anyway this should have been done a long time ago. I have found that a lot of people with military family members do not understand the scarifice of the family members. Even LCpl Honda has said he believes military life is harder on family members than the one actually serving. So read this procalamtion and while you are thanking a member of the miltary remember to thank their family members too.

“No one pays a higher price for our freedom than members of our Nation’s military and their families. As sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers are deployed, military families endure with exceptional resilience and courage. They provide our troops with invaluable encouragement and love, and serve our Nation in their own right. During Military Family Month, we honor the families of our Armed Forces and thank them for their dedication to our country.

“Though only a small percentage of our Nation’s population, our troops bear the great responsibility of protecting our people. They, along with their families, serve us every day with courage and dignity. Ensuring that military families receive the respect they deserve and the support they have earned is a top priority for my Administration.

“The strength of our Nation is measured not just by our success on the battlefield, but also by our ability to support those families who have made so many sacrifices for us. Time and again, military families have shown their heart in the face of adversity. We have a solemn obligation to ensure that while our men and women in uniform discharge their duties, we do all we can to promote and preserve the well-being of their families. We must also support the families of our wounded warriors and our fallen heroes who have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy.

“This month, we celebrate the tremendous contributions of military families, convey to them our deepest respect and appreciation, and recommit ourselves to their support.

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim November 2009 as Military Family Month. I call on all Americans to honor military families through private actions and public service for the tremendous contributions they make in the support of our service members and our Nation.”

For All The Right Reasons

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When I learned President Obama went to Dover Air Force Base last 102909_obamahonorsnight to honor fifteen fallen troops and three DEA agents returning from Afghanistan I admit I was not quite sure what to think. He has been holding off on sending more troops to Afghanistan for many months now. I am not an expert but I am sure there are political reasons for the delay such as the upcoming elections on November 7.

I would like to hope that Obama visited the fallen troops and their families as an honorable thing and not a political ploy. I know that it is not possible for a sitting President to meet each fallen troops as they return. On one hand, I am glad he went and I am sure it had to be a comfort to the families. If my child was returning after sacrificing their life for our country, I know I would appreciate the President of the United States making the effort to come and pay his respects. I am not sure however that I would want reporters there. I have not been in the situation so I really cannot say.

As the mother of an active duty service member I do not always agree politically with out nation’s leaders, but one thing is for sure, I respect them just as my son does and my daughter did when she served. When asked about my son’s stand on the current wars he just says it is his job to do to the best of his ability and to respect his commander-in-chief. Not everyone agrees with this and that is okay. This is why we live in America. We have this right guaranteed.

Getting back to President Obama’s visit, I cannot look into the man’s heart, but I have enough faith and hope that he did this for the right reasons. If so then I applaud you. If not than all I can say is, “Shame on you.” In addition, I hope that President Obama took a good long look at the cost the Afghan war is causing. I sincerely hope this experience will aid him in making the right decision so this scene is not repeated. But, alas, I think that is just wishful thinking on my part.

More importantly, we must remember those who sacrificed for our freedoms. We must remember the families whose loved ones sacrificed for our freedoms. Paying our respects to these troops and their families is really something we all should do. We cannot do it everyday in a personal way, but we can inside ourselves.


They Did Not Have Facebook

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This is my newest post on Parent’s Zone.


dearhome_ww1_imageI was just thinking the other day about how lucky we are as parents of deployed children to be able to communicate with them during deployment. Do not get me wrong. It is still very hard to sleep with the phone, check email countless times and yes, I am sure we all know what it is like to “stalk” the mailman. 

I recently spoke with some Patriot Guard friends who lived through the Vietnam area. They reminded me to be thankful for communication we enjoy these days as they like their counterparts in WWII and other previous wars had rely on a written letter. Skype was far from being a possibility in those days.

Now, we also have the overwhelming influence of Social Networking sights. I can hardly believe I can logon to FaceBook everyday and see pictures posting from the ship. Not to mention the Capt of the ship occasionally will post updates. I search Twitter everyday for info and I have been able to connect with other families with loved ones on this ship. Why, I almost set my 80-year-mother on FaceBook. She declined and just decided to follow the Shutterfly site I have set up where I add all the news stories and pictures I find concerning the deployment.

I saw a tweet from a pregnant wife appealing to the ship to contact her deployed sailor because she is ready to give birth and her husband had not called since the ship sailed. Unbelievably, the ship replied and told her to email privately and the contact person on the ship said he would see what he could do. That did not happen in previous conflicts.

The point is that even though it is still very hard for us to sit and wait, nearly shower with the phone, exhaust every search phrase on Google and make the mailman want to change routes, we are very lucky and blessed. We are all in the boat together as were all the parents, wives, children…before us.


Military Monday – I Messed Up

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Since my Marine son is now deployed I agreed to be responsible for his finances. I have stressed about this since he left. Yesterday I had to schedule a car payment. Well wouldn’t you know I did not do it correctly. I realized my mistake right after I did it. I made phone calls but because it was Sunday nothing was open. So of course I spent the rest of my day stressing on my mistake.

Monday came and I went to work waiting for the companies to open. I finally gained contact and begin the process of talking to the companies concerned. Luckily they are used to dealing with stressed out military moms like me. After several phones calls, faxing power of attorney and a couple of melt-downs on my part I managed to fix the situation.

All of this occurred after I received an email from said deployed son after which I was doing the happy dance, but then realized my screw-up. In the end of the day I just prayed. Nothing else I could do.

Deployment S@#%&s


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This was posted on AirmanMom’s site. I thought I would pass it on.

I feel the same way.