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Do You Know About #MilitaryMon?

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If you are on Twitter chances are, you know about #MilitaryMon. If not then I am here to explain it to you. First for those of you who do not Tweet here is a little review of just what Twitter is and how it is used.

Twitter is a social networking microblog. Tweeters, the people using Twitter post messages that are not over 140 characters long called Tweets. Tweeters post everything from news stories, breaking news and even amber alerts. Tweeters can post directly to another Tweeter or to everyone in general.

Each day there are trending topics that cover what is being discussed the most on any given day. The trending topics, usually accompanied with a hashtag # before the word, for example, #MilitaryMon, #honorourvets, #TGIF.

On Mondays thousands of Military supporters, veterans and active duty military come together and post messages in support of our troops, #SOT. Starting to get it? Yes, it is a little confusing at first but the point is that Twitter is just another way to honor those serving or who have served. I am even able to follow LCpl Honda’s deployment on Twitter! Very exciting for me!

On this blog, I have written a Military Monday post for quite awhile now. I usually include my post among my tweets every Monday. Below is a screen shot of my Twitter profile. Just another way to say #SOT, #honorourvets, #MilitaryMon!



Finding the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

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I walk my big red dog, Lucie nearly every morning. Walking is great exercise for me and it helps Lucie’s daily attitude. She tends to border on the hyperactive side. Walking or running requires a good pair of shoes for the best foot support. is a good place to find sneakers, running or trail running shoes. There are shoes for men and women in varying styles. provides some very useful information such as how to choose the correct shoe and lists tips for the care of your shoes.

ShopWiki searches out every store on the internet so the customer has a chance to compare products and prices. We recently purchased a new flat panel TV. We originally were going to mount it to the wall but since getting it home, we decided to go ahead get a nice stand. I typed in TV stands and 22 stores popped up. This is much easier than searching through each store on an individual basis.

Whether you are in the market for new athletic shoes or like me looking for a new TV stand take a look on