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Steam Mop vs Home Entertaiment System

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No, I have not dropped of the face of the earth. I just took a little computer break. For some reason I had no desire to open my laptop over the long holiday weekend. So, I took it easy and watched some mindless TV.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Hippie Guy, Flower Child, the twins Fuzzy and Wuzzy and Grandma M and Grandpa DingDon. Flower Child prepared a fabulous meal and she definitely pulled out all the stops. Considering this was her first time making almost the entire meal, she scored an A+ with everyone.

Corvette and I actually went out and braved Black Friday. It was ok until we tried to get into the Electronics dept. in Wal-Mart. That only took 20 minutes of maneuvering around the hordes of people. We finally made it in and out. I am now the proud owner of a Shark Steam mop and Corvette walked out with a Blue-ray player. The mop works great, the player uh, let us just say it has a learning curve.

So, the next night Corvette decides to go back to Wal-Mart and purchase a home entertainment system. The last thing I want is a theatre in my living room. Therefore, he fiddles with it half the night and for a good eight hours on Sunday. He finally got it working. I have to assume he broke down and read the instructions. Just as a side note, I spent the day in my bedroom watching Bridezillas and numerous other reality shows and listening to the steady stream of expletives coming from the living room. So fast-forward to Monday morning. I get up and try to turn on the TV. Guess what? No sound. Nada. Nothing. Corvette gets up and plays with it and after more expletives he decides to take it back after work.

Hooray. Score on for team Juliannah! As of today, my living room is my living room again! Thank goodness because if he would have got it to work I might have been waking up to a popcorn machine in my kitchen.

Military Monday – Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

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I think this is a fair enough question. Therefore, I decided to do what I always do when I want to find out information on one subject or another. I Googled it. This is what I found out. It would seem that David Beckham, his wife Victoria and their three children will be going to Germany for Thanksgiving to visit with the troops. I found this quite interesting since I do not think they are even American citizens. I could be wrong about that.

Brokedown Cadillac, a Nashville county music group will visit troops stationed in Iraq for the Thanksgiving holiday. The band members say they have close ties to the military and that is why they feel honored to spend the holiday with troops. The Band wants to spend time with those who cannot spend Thanksgiving with their own families.

On November 23, 2007, then President George W. Bush made a surprise Thanksgiving visit to the troops stationed in Iraq. He spent 2 ½ hours visiting with the troops and even helped serve Thanksgiving dinner.

I wonder what President Obama plans to do for Thanksgiving? Play golf? Spend time with his family? Walk the dog?  I have a good hunch that he will not be going to Afghanistan. Or even Iraq. After all, he has been traveling quite a bit lately. He probably needs time to get over the jet lag.

New Post on juliannah by design

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I have a new post up at juliannah by design. Need help with organizing Thanksgiving? Check it out!


Sunday Brunch

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This was the week of replacing credit cards. Last Sunday, Corvette thought he lost his wallet. We looked high and low and could not find it. I had to get online and transfer all the money from one bank account to another to make sure nobody get access to it. Next, numerous phones calls were made to cancel debit and credit cards. We had to pay a few bills from the account with the money and organize the amounts so we knew where the money was going and what was left over. We have two accounts because that just works for us. Corvette is a stickler for recording everything in his check book. Me, not so much. I prefer to check online for the amounts to clear. As far as balancing a checkbook, that just doesn’t happen with me. I am far too right-brained to even attempt it. I think in pictures not numbers. That is one reason I like blogging so much. Trust me if math was involved I would not be blogging!

So, after taking care of all the financial issues this weekend we went to work on Monday. After work I came home and went to change my clothes. I found a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to put on. As soon as I picked up the t-shirt I saw it. What did I see you ask? You got it. The missing wallet! We have no clue how it got on my shelf but, what really baffled us is how we did not find it as we went through the house several times before giving up and taking action. Oh well, chalk it up to fairies, trolls or the black hole that eats car keys, remote controls and every ink pen we bring in the house.

The rest of the week was uneventful until Thursday when I receive a call from my credit card company. Seems someone hacked my account! Apparently there were three charges all on the same day from a questionable company. The card company asked me if I made the charges and of course I did not. So thank goodness the card company was on the ball and questioned the charges in the first place. They immediately cancelled the card. I will not be charged for the mysterious charges. Thank goodness another catastrophe averted!

100_1442On a good note, Fuzzy and Wuzzy turned three months old on Friday the 13th. Not bad for a day associated with bad luck. That’s Wuzzy on the left and Fuzzy on the right. You see those shoulders on Fuzzy. I think football just might be in his future! Especially if Hippie Guys has anything to say about it Green Bay Packers look out! Fuzzy’s coming!

We rounded out the week by purchasing a new TV stand for our flat panel TV. Thetvstand TV was sitting on an old stand and it was not a good match. Now the TV will sit up higher and everything will be flatter against the wall. Corvette bought it without me at the store and generally that is not a good idea. He did call me and I got online to look at it but there was not a picture of it. He was going to get one made of wood but they were out of stock so he went with this one. I think it will have to grow on me, but this is definitely better than the old stand.

Well, that is it from the chocolate household. Today’s Sunday Brunch recipe is in honor of Thanksgiving. Although I am not preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year as we are attending Hippie Guy and Flower Child’s first hosted Thanksgiving dinner. This is my recipe for Sausage Stuffing in the Crock Pot.

Two 6 oz. bags Mrs. Cubbison’s stuffing
1 cup (2 sticks) melted butter or margarine
6 oz sweet Italian sausage, browned and crumbled
1 granny smith apple, chopped
1 cup chopped onion
1 1/2 cups broth

Combine dressing with butter or margarine and vegetables.  Stir liquid in gradually.  Spoon into the crock pot and place setting on low. The stuffing will be ready in about three to four hours.  Makes 12 (1/2 cup) servings.